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We crossed the Atlantic Ocean from May to June 2017 aboard N60 Relish, helping our friend Silvio get his boat back to his home waters in the Mediterranean.  The following years we sortied our own boat back around the state of Florida, then through the Abacos  and Berry Islands in the Bahamas, and finally to Bimini.  After a pause for some family events and bi-annual boat maintenance we resumed cruising up the east coast of the U.S.  We spent a lot of time exploring Chesapeake Bay (all the way to Baltimore) and then headed back to Fort Myers.  We're now back into a Grady-White and exploring more of Florida and the Keys.

We typically call Fort Myers, Florida -- at Legacy Harbour Marina (link HERE), in downtown Fort Myers -- "home".  But a healthy portion of the time we try to get underway and go explore.  We generally try to keep our Garmin inReach tracker going, which provides a decent map display of our travels. 

Below is the latest track for our "Southern Loop" conducted from 18-May to 25-May, 2022:

A Sample Interactive Track

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