​Welcome to our web site.  We recently (March 2021) sold the Nordhavn & bought a Grady-White, but just as before with this site our main intent is to let folks know where we're at, where we're going, and what we're doing, plus what we plan to do next.

The Misadventures of M/V Ghost Rider​​ 

Remember to live, Like you ain't afraid to die;
Don't be scared, And just enjoy the ride.

(Lt. Dan's favorite lyrics)

​by Sony Tillis and Sam Weedman

Links To Our Blog Entries:

Jun '23: Back to the Bahamas

May '23: Two Weeks in the Florida Keys

Sep-Oct '22: Hurricane Ian (Pics)

Aug '22: A Misleading Overheat Warning

​Jul '22Back in the Florida Keys

​Jun '22: Back to the Bahamas

May '22: Cruising the Southern Loop

Jan '22: Situating the New Boat

May-Jul '21: Keys, Road Trip & Move

Apr-May '21: Sorting Out the Grady

Mar'21: Sold the Nordy, Bought a Grady

Nov'20: More Tropical Wx & Boat Stuff

Oct'20: Back on the Boat

Sep'20: Same Old Stuff Only Different

Aug'20: Humility, Health & Hurricanes

Jul'20: More Maintenance & Projects

Jun'20: Routine Maintenance (Mostly)

May'20: Back in FMY - Fixing Stab Overheat

​​Apr'20: Cruising Back to Fort Myers

​Apr'20: Final Maintenance, More Madness

​Mar'20: Continued Madness & Maintenance

Mar'20: March Madness & Maintenance

Mar'20: Underway Again

​Feb'20: Departure Preparations

Jan'20: A Side Trip to the Abacos

Jan'20: Projects in Port & the Abacos

Nov-Dec'19: Back to FLA & a Short Cruise

Oct'19: Two More Boat Projects

Oct'19: Sea Trial to Captiva Island

Sep-Oct'19: Maintenance Wrap Up

Sep'19: More Boat Business

Sep'19: After Hurricane Dorian

Aug-Sep'19: Hurricane Dorian

Aug'19: Miscellaneous Boat Business

Jul'19: More Monitoring with CCTV

Jun-Jul'19A Boat Monitoring Project

Jun-Jul'19: Some Routine Maintenance

Apr-May'19: Still in Fort Myers

​Feb-Mar'19: Hanging in Fort Myers

Dec-Jan'19:Holiday Time in Fort Myers

Nov'18: Palm Beach to Fort Myers

Nov'18: St. Augustine to Palm Beach

​Oct'18: Edisto to St. Augustine

​Oct'18: Oriental to Edisto

Oct'18: Riding Out Michael

Oct'18: Baltimore to Oriental

Sep'18: Finally Made Baltimore

Sep'18: From DC to Annapolis

Sep'18: Hanging out Near DC

Sep'18: Chesapeake & The Potomac

Sep'18: Norfolk to the Chesapeake

Aug'18: AYB & On To Norfolk

Aug'18: Oriental to AYB

Aug'18: Charleston to Oriental

July'18:Charleston Layover

​July'18:To Edisto & Charleston

July'18: St. Aug to Savannah

July'18: Heading North

July'18: Time to Depart

Jun'18: Maintenance Depot

May'18: Back to Palm Beach

May'18: Berrys to Bimini to USA

May'18: Hanging at Great Harbour

April'18:Abacos to Berry Islands

April'18: In the Abacos

April'18: Off to the Bahamas

March-April'18:Layover at OPC

March'18: Final Preps & Departure

February'18: Preps & Feb Fun

February'18: Boat Biz Updates

January'18: Boat Business in FMY

December'17Hanging in FMY

​November'17: STL and FMY

November'17:Back to Fort Myers

October'17: Better Boat Business

October'17:More Tropical Wx

September'17:More Boat Business

September'17:Hurricane Irma

Late August'17: Boat Business

Late July'17Back On Our Boat


Crossing the Atlantic:

NAP 2017 Blog Site​​​​

May'17: From Nassau to Bermuda

May'17: A Few Days in Bermuda

May-Jun'17:Bermuda to the Azores​

Jun'17: A Few Days in the Azores

Jun'17: Azores to Gibraltar​

Jun'17: A Few Days in Gibraltar​

​Jun'17: Gibraltar to Malaga

Jun'17:  Back to Gibraltar & Arcos​

Jun'17: Cadiz, Sevilla & Ronda

Jul'17: Madrid, Lisbon & Back to the USA​


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Remember to live, Like you ain't afraid to die;
Don't be scared, And just enjoy the ride.

(Lt. Dan's favorite lyrics)

​by Sony Tillis and Sam Weedman